Finding certainty in uncertain times is difficult, but not impossible.

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2020, if not all is a special year we all will remember for a long time to come. The coronavirus pandemic has cast a lot of doubts and uncertainty around different aspects of our lives, including those like me who recently graduated and feeling anxious about the potentially bleak employment prospects.

I graduated right into the rife havoc of the pandemic at the end of 2020, with national lockdown in full swing but I did manage to land a job within 2 months of job search. …

Tracking crypto prices like Coin360 is easier than you thought

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There are more than 8,000 cryptocurrencies as of March 2021 and thus it can be challenging to keep track of all the price development in a single glance. Luckily, websites like coin360 offer a succinct visualization of cryptocurrency price development in the form of a treemap. Treemap provides a quick overview of all cryptocurrencies by displaying the proportional price data in the form of nested-structure using varying sizes of rectangles.

Intrigued by the concept, I have decided to venture into the idea of creating my own version of treemap in Python to keep track of crypto prices. This treemap tutorial…

17 Feb 2021 Issue 1

Survey shows 5% of CFOs plan to hold bitcoin | Binance flips Ripple in market cap

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The Digits

How Musk’s endorsement and Tesla’s adoption are going to change the bitcoin and cryptocurrency landscape.

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Bitcoin — the first cryptocurrency created by Satoshi Nakamoto hit the headline again, but this time for good reasons. Having survived a tumulous 12 years as a financial counterculture, Bitcoin celebrated a much-anticipated milestone today — getting a blue-chip boost from Tesla, days after Elon Musk publicly swapped his Twitter bio with a flashy hashtag #Bitcoin.

This exhilarating news is both a game-changer and a welcoming one in the emerging crypto-world, amid an uptick in institutional adoption spearheaded by Michael Saylor and a recent price…

A far-fetched dream or a probable reality?

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*Disclaimer: Any information and opinions found on this page are not to be considered as financial advice. You should do your own research before making any investment decisions.

January 3rd 2021 was the 12th birthday of Bitcoin since the inception of the genesis block. And there are good reasons to celebrate. The news of Bitcoin constantly breaching new highs is a welcoming narrative by all HODLers and bulls alike. …

That I would do differently in hindsight

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9 months ago I was on a quest to find the right topic for my master thesis, then I stumbled upon this seemingly avant-garde topic rife with buzzwords —

“Data Quality Assessment and Predictive Analytics for Customer Journeys in a B2B Sector”

And of course, the proposal is not complete without catchphrases like #BigData #DataAnalytics #StatisticalModel #MachineLearning and bla bla bla…

Before we dive any deeper, let me make myself clear with a disclaimer. I am not a computer science nor IT major per se, but a post-grad in business and management science, with a strong affinity for data analytics…

Precision, Recall, and F1-score in Python

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“How accurate is your model?”

This is probably the most commonly asked question when one wants to know how a model performs or rather how accurate a classifier can actually predict an anticipated event.

While using accuracy to measure a classifier performance is not wrong, it may give you a false sense of optimism. A classifier with high accuracy tells you the overall performance of a model, but less so on a more localized level of the individual class it predicts.

What does that even mean? Or rather why accuracy alone is inadequate to evaluate the performance of a classifier…

The pythonic solution to balance the imbalanced

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Imbalanced data is a very common occurrence in real-world domains, especially when the subject of interest for a decision-making system is a rare but important case. This can be a problem when a future decision is to be made based on insights from historical data. Inadequate data from the minority case can hamper the robustness of the new decision being made.

The case of imbalanced data exists almost to any real-life applications. For instance, the average customer churn rate for wireless carriers in the US is somewhere between 1–6%. …

Reimagining your surrounding with the new iPhone

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You want to furnish your room with a new piece of furniture but unsure if it would look nice in your room? Prior to AR, you would probably have to measure the dimension and imagine how that piece of furniture would fit into your anticipated environment. Now, what if I tell you that you can just lift your iPhone to project an augmented version of the furniture right on that corner of your room to see if you like or not. Spot on, the era of Augmented Reality aka. …

How to select the right predictors using ML algorithms

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In the first series of this article, we discussed what feature selection is about and provided some walkthroughs using the statistical method. This article follow-ups on the original article by further explaining the other two common approaches in feature selection for Machine Learning (ML) — namely the wrapper and embedded methods. Explanations will be accompanied by sample coding in Python.

To recap, feature selection means to reduce the number of predictors used to train a ML model. The main goals are to improve the accuracy of the predictive performance (by reducing the number of redundant predictors), reduce calculation time (fewer…

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